Simona Cipriani

Simona is the owner of the Art of Control and the Educational Director of The Art and Science of Contrology Pilates Training Program. She is a Second Generation Pilates Instructor who studied extensively with Romana Kryzanowska, becoming a certified instructor of the Authentic Pilates Method in 1993.


Simona Cipriani attended the Feldenkrais Guild’s training in New York City from 2005 to 2009 under the tutelage of Frank Wildman. Since then, she has been working with clients utilizing both private Functional Integration sessions and Awareness Through Movement small group classes.

Francine Morina

Fran has been passionate about physical fitness, nutrition, meditation, and yoga for most of her life. Fran was introduced to Pilates in 2000 and soon after became inspired and devoted to the principles and methods that Joseph Pilates developed.  

She received her USPA teacher certification in 2009 as an Instructor of the Authentic Pilates Method.  Over the years she has taken a number of workshops and seminars with Master Teachers including Jay Grimes, Peter Fiasca, Dorothee Vendewall, Mejo Wiggins, Simona Cipriani, Brett Howard, Alycea Ungaro and Kathy Corey. She continues to teach clients and train apprentices at the Art of Control Pilates studio as well as throughout locations in Fairfield county.  Fran believes strongly in the mind and body connection that Pilates brings to the individual incorporating positive and appropriate intentions to each student and session that she teaches.

Joanne Goldstein

Joanne has been living in Westchester for 26 years.  Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, she worked as a graphic designer in Manhattan after graduating from college with a BA in Art and Education.  Putting her career on hold to raise her three children, she discovered the world of Pilates existed right in her backyard at The Art of Control on the campus of SUNY Purchase.  Joanne became a student at the studio and loved the changes she saw in her body.   With the prospect of an “empty nest” approaching, she decided to study and become a certified instructor. With her certification and many continuing education workshops, she is a devoted teacher of the original method but continues to be a dedicated student because there is always more to learn.

Lisa Frey


Enticed by the graceful, physical demands of Pilates, Lisa Frey initially pursued the method to cross-train and gain core strength. A former dance student and avid fitness buff, she trained with Simona Cipriani at the Art of Control to further her understanding of the Classical Pilates system. Fully certified in 2015, Lisa teaches both private clients and group mat classes. To her, helping clients discover improved body mechanics and a greater sense of well-being is immensely gratifying.

Sarah Collins


Sarah is a professionally trained dancer with her MFA from Sarah Lawrence College.   After years of performing and teaching she turned to Pilates to help keep her in shape and ward off the inevitable injuries that come with getting older and being physically active.  Sarah’s passion for movement has severed her well in both her study of dance and her Pilates training allowing both to give her a greater and more complete understanding of what it means to work and live within the body that we have.



Tracy Bloom

Certified Pilates Instructor Tracy Bloom was introduced to Pilates in 2003. After many years teaching Pilates mat work, Tracy Bloom was certified in 2010 by the United States Pilates Association, a licensee of the New York Pilates Studio Teacher Certification Program, the first and oldest Pilates professional training program in the world.

She trains regularly with Master Teacher Simona Cipriani, a second-generation teacher certified by Joseph Pilates’ protege Romana Kryzanowska. Tracy has attended education workshops with Peter Fiasca, Brett Howard, Kathi Ross-Nash, and Dorothee VandeWalle, and has studied privately with Mejo Wiggins, Danielle Armstrong, Marcelo Tapia, and many other wonderful instructors.

She practices licensed therapeutic massage in New York and Connecticut, and is a graduate of the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy comprehensive 2-year program.

Tracy is also American Council on Exercise certified to train personal fitness, and was a competitive weightlifter with Team Connecticut Weightlifting Club, having achieved the title of Master’s National Champion in 2008. “Healing occurs in the presence of movement.”

A favorite saying is, “Healing occurs in the presence of movement”.