Our Mission

To spread the work of Mr. Joseph H. Pilates so that each member of our community develops an expertise in the movement of their own bodies. To maintain the nuances of this method that make it both unique and effective. The core of the traditional Pilates method is formed through a combination of: Precise movement often using equipment to specifically target a particular area Progression of movement to continue to transform the body toward health (within a single session and over the course of several sessions) Efficiency in each and every movement taught At the Art of Control®, each and every teacher has the expertise to deliver the above and more. It is this that makes the traditional Pilates method so effective.

Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.Joseph H. Pilates

Our Equipment

Joseph Hubertus Pilates invented and constructed all of these pieces of apparatus to support his Contrology™ System.

Reformer- This piece of apparatus is possibly the most used in the Contrology™ System; it is an excellent way to teach and learn the fundamentals.  The springs provide resistance to augment movement in the joints, to teach control, and to promote good alignment. The client gains flexibility and strength, and can progress to an athletic performance. The resistance of the Reformer can be adjusted (by adding or taking off springs) to individualize the program for each client.  The carriage design promotes good circulation without straining the heart, making this piece of equipment ideal for many clients, including those with cardiac issues. At the same time, the Reformer can also offer a very demanding workout for advanced clients.

Wunda Chair - This apparatus is considered the most advanced in the Contrology™ System because it provides very little support. It was created as the first piece of gym equipment for the home, and can also be used as a small piece of. Like the Reformer, the Wunda Chair provides resistance with springs. It is used to challenge and increase balance, and to strengthen the core muscles as well as the arms and legs. Exercises are done sitting, kneeling, standing and lying on the chair.

Cadillac- This apparatus is often considered the most versatile piece of equipment in the Contrology™ Gym. It provides a lot of support to the client. When originally designed by Joseph Pilates, it served as a table for injured and inactive patients. Exercises can be done lying down, sitting, kneeling, sideways, standing, and even upside-down. Thus the Cadillac challenges the body in multiple planes of motion. It has various attachments--springs, bars, and a trapeze-- to create a workout individualized to each client.

Ladder Barrel- This piece of equipment is excellent for stretching the limbs and the spine. The barrel part can support flexion and extension of the entire back. Inversions such as handstands and backbends can be performed here with support. This is also a great apparatus for increasing upper body strength. The Ladder Barrel is a must for rectifying bad posture and maintaining a supple and healthy spine.

Electric Chair- This piece of equipment is one of the most powerful and dangerous pieces in the Pilates studio. It was designed to help inexperienced clients to connect to and use the deepest musculature of the Pilates powerhouse. The Electric Chair is also great for working on balance and alignment, and for strengthening the legs. If you feel weak going up and down stairs, this is the tool for you!

Spine Corrector- A great piece of equipment to have at home. As the name implies, the Spine Corrector can adjust the curvature of the spine while opening and stretching the chest. It is effective in strengthening, stretching and conditioning the back, legs, torso and shoulders. It works the oblique muscles of the core. This is a great tool for addressing back issues (including scoliosis), increasing circulation and building powerhouse strength.

Small Barrel- The smaller curve of this barrel can help people with neck and upper back issues. Like its slightly larger cousin (the Spine Corrector), it can open the chest and correct the curvature of the spine. It is very effective in strengthening, stretching and conditioning the back, legs, torso and shoulders. It’s a great tool for gaining flexibility after an injury. Easy to have at home and store under the bed.

Pedi-Pole- This is basically a vertical pole mounted on a platform, with springs attached. It is a fantastic way to work the upper body. It challenges core stability in a functional standing position and improves balance. Can be used to increase athletic performance.

Tower-Wall Unit- A vertical frame with a mat, plus multiple attachments, such as springs and bars. The Tower is very helpful in a class setting to augment the mat work and learn how to use the resistance of the springs. Most of the Cadillac exercises can be performed here as well. Exercises are done lying, sitting, kneeling, standing, and in the air. The Tower has a Roll Down bar, Push Thru bar, arm springs, leg springs and handles.

Guillotine- This piece of equipment is one of the oldest in the Contrology™ System. It consists of a vertical frame (like a door frame) with multiple options of spring levels, a stable top bar, a sliding lower bar and a small mat. Usually only professional studios have this piece of apparatus. It is great for mobilizing spinal articulation, facilitating flexibility in stiff men and increasing upper body strength in women. Fun for athletes and dancers to challenge their ability in the air.

Magic Circle- This small apparatus was made originally from the barrel ring of a keg. In the Contrology™ System, it represents the central core, or transverse abdominus.  It can be used to facilitate stretching in the entire body. The Magic Circle is used in conjunction with mat work and for pregnant women to provide full body conditioning.


Foot Corrector- This small piece of equipment is a fantastic gadget used to strengthen the intrinsic muscles of the foot. It stabilizes the arches of the foot and is very effective in alleviating pain in the feet. It facilitates realignment of the feet, ankles and hips.

Baby Chair- This apparatus is a low chair with a movable back and springs attached. This chair provides a gentle and safe place to strengthen the upper body and the core. Great for beginners, for learning the “box” alignment, for neck issues and for breathing.

Toe Exerciser- Small piece of apparatus with toe bands and a small spring in the center. It is for strengthening the toes, feet and ankles. Great for those with bunions and for realigning the toes.

Sand Bag- This small bag of sand or beans weighs two or three pounds. It’s the perfect piece of apparatus for strengthening the fingers, wrists and arms. It can work the entire body and connect the upper limbs to the core. It also helps with alignment and strengthens posture in the upright position.

Breath-a-sizer- This small piece of apparatus looks like a small wheel with a straw and it is specifically designed to strengthen the respiratory system. Great for expanding the lung capacity, it’s often used by athletes and opera singers.

Neck Exerciser-This small piece of equipment has a band for the head and a strong spring attached. The Neck Exerciser is a great way to strengthen the musculature of the neck for more advanced clients and students. Fantastic for martial artists, boxers, and all athletes.

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Description of privates, duets, trios and classes

Private Lessons; Provide personal attention, customizing the workout specifically to your needs using the Classical Pilates method. Assuring that you are keeping your body in alignment 

Duets;  Workout for 2 individuals who are at the same level of ability. 

Trios;  Workout for 3 individuals who are at the same level of ability. 

Semi- Private Classes; Small classes of 5 or less. The small group allows the teacher the ability give each participant sufficient attention to keep their workout beneficial.