Continuing Education & Workshops

Simona’s Travel Dates

Workshops, Semi-Intensives & Conference Dates

May 16-19—Module I Mat & Apparatus—Hanoi, Vietnam
May 21—Workshop #1—Hanoi, Vietnam
May 23-26—Module II Mat & Module I Apparatus—Hanoi, Vietnam 
My 28—Workshop #2—Hanoi, Vietnam
June 5-6-7— Module I Mat & Apparatus—Viva Pilates, Seoul, Korea
June 8-9—Workshop—Viva Pilates, Seoul, Korea
June 22—CE Workshop at the AoC
July 8—Workshop at Scarsdale Pilates
August 2-4, 9-11, 16-18—Intensive Course (Modules I, II & III) at AoC Stamford Town Center, Stamford, CT
September 30—Italy 
Oct 4—Baby Chair, Super Advanced Reformer—Taiwan
October 5-7—Module II—Taiwan
Oct 11—Guillotine Small Apparatus & Ped-o-Pul—Taiwan
October 12-14—Module III—Taiwan
October 18-20—Australian Conference
October 25-27—Module II—Vietnam
November 1-3—Hanoi, Vietnam—Contrology Universal Pilates Conference
November 15-17—Module I Mat & Apparatus—Viva Pilates, Seoul, Korea
November 22-24—Module II Mat & Apparatus—Viva Pilates, Seoul, Korea


Past Workshops

Anatomy Course for Pilates Instructors at the Art of Control with Dr. Joe Muscolino and Simona Cipriani, February 16-18, 2024

Flexion Vs. Extension of the Spine at Ferrara, Italy with Dr. Joe Muscolino, September 30, 2023
Kathi Ross-Nash at the Art of Control (Variations on the Reformer, Injuries & Application, Killer Caddy, The Leg Stretches from the Ground Up), June 3-4, 2023
Continuing Education at the Art of Control (Advanced & Super Advanced Mat, Use of Small Equipment & the Guillotine), April 16, 2023
MeJo Wiggin at the Art of Control (Advanced Mat, Baby Chair, Advanced Reformer), April 23, 2023

Valentine’s Day Special Workshop with Simona Cipriani, February 12, 2022
Advanced Mat and Standing, The Flow of the Cadillac, The Power of the Wunda Chair and Baby Chair, and Pre/Postnatal Pilates Workshop with Dorothee Vandewalle, June 25-26, 2022
Cadaver Lab and Biomechanics with Dr. Joseph Muscolino, August 19-21, 2022

Contrology Super Advanced Mat with Simona, February 20, 2021
eMANate™ with Simona, March 20, 2021
Balance through Contrology with Simona Cipriani, May 15, 2021
Barrels Workshop and Standing Exercises with the Mat, Long Pole, Wall, Weights with Jerome Weinberg, October 17, 2021

Improve your Game! Strength and Conditioning Workshop with Michael, March 14, 2020
Building Skills with Pilates Barrels with Simona Cipriani, September 19 & 26, 2020
Advanced & Super Advanced Mat with Jerome Weinberg with Jerome, October 18, 2020
Anatomy & Physiology Course for Pilates, with Dr. Joseph Muscolino, October 23-25, 2020

One Day with Jerome Weinberg--Super-Advanced Reformer and Guillotine, December 15, 2019
Feet-Ness Instructor Training Program with Ilaria Cavagna, November 9-10, 2019
Strength and Conditioning for the Male Body with Michael Johnson, June 18, 2019
Anatomy in Clay with Joseph E. Muscolino, May 18-19, 2019
Traditional Pilates Small Equipment Workshop with Simona Cipriani, May 17, 2019

Develop your Creativity on the Tower/Cadillac with Sonje Mayo, December 9, 2018
The Power of Barrels with Sonje Mayo, December 9, 2018
Pilates and Spinal Conditions with Sonje Mayo, December 8, 2018
The Lost Art of Joe’s Work: The Ped-o-Pul and the Resister with Elaine Ewing, November 4, 2018
Traditional Pilates Small Equipment Workshop with Simona Cipriani, October 13, 2018
Feet-ness with Ilaria Cavagna, October 13, 2018
Michael Johnson’s Mat Workshops, September & October 2018
Archival Pilates with Michael & Ton, June 10, 2018
Pilates for Athletes with Michael & Ton, June 9, 2018
Pilates for Gait with Michael & Ton, June 9, 2018
Session Endings Workshop with Jerome Weinberg, February 10, 2018