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Everyone has movement habits that are as unique as their fingerprint.  These habits of self-use develop over the course of a lifetime due to a host of random variables, such as where you grew up, when and if you crawled, whether you were a basketball player or ballerina or once fell out of a tree.   

Moving with the same unconscious biases not only limits your range of movement but also eventually puts stress on those over-used muscles and joints.  People who rely on their bodies professionally, like dancers, athletes and musicians, tend to feel these limitations earlier.  But we all confront these stresses as we age. 

Feldenkrais lessons are internationally recognized and evidence-based.  They involve gentle movement sequences carefully designed with biomechanics, human development and human evolution in mind. 

Neither exercise nor meditation, a Feldenkrais lesson invites you to discover intriguing details about yourself—your persistently dominant leg, your habit of turning more easily to the right or left, your propensity to move your shoulder girdle without moving your head and eyes, for example. 

Why is this important? 

A detailed awareness of how you move gives you the opportunity to evaluate your personal habits and compare them to other potentially easier and more efficient options.

Choosing the way you move not only alleviates pain and reduces stress, but an expanded movement repertoire almost always improves your view of who you are and what you are capable of.   

Classes are on the floor.  Please wear clothing that you can move in.

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Wendy Kann was born in Zimbabwe where she studied dance. She met her American husband while he was on a motorcycle trip through Africa. They moved to Manhattan, Hong Kong, and finally to Westport CT, where they brought up three beautiful children. Wendy published a memoir about her childhood in Africa and loves painting, photography, cooking, and gardening. Feldenkrais is the culmination of a lifelong interest in movement, mindfulness, and somatic education.