“It is my absolute pleasure to highly recommend the Art of Control program at Purchase College where I was first introduced to Pilates. The AOC apprentices are highly skilled, energetic and patient. The studio provides a warm atmosphere conducive to learning. Being involved in the AOC is truly a gift.”
— Shoshana Peyser, PhD wellness coach and consultant

“I was very excited to see Simona Cipriani’s ‘Art of Pilates Touch’ and Joseph Muscolino’s ‘Anatomy and Kinesiology of Core and Hands on Stretching’ workshops offered at CoreSport in Michigan. I did attend both workshops last weekend and was very impressed by Simona and Joe.

The information presented went above and beyond what we usually review when obtaining our continuing education. I studied anatomy in college, but to go beyond that to learn some kinesiology and kinetics of the core specifically, will allow me to better visualize movement and develop critical thinking necessary to help all of my clients get the maximum benefit of Pilates. I’ve already used both the hands-on stretching methods and hands-on facilitation of the intermediate exercises. I just wanted to let you know how much I learned from and enjoyed these workshops.”
— Deb B.

“…Pilates is truly amazing—not just in getting me moving again but I think I would have been much worse off in the actual accident. Thank you so much for all your help…” — D.N.

“After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, I have turned to Simona Cipriani to combat muscle rigidity so characteristic of the disease. Her exercise program is a bright point in my day.” — D.S.

“When I first walked into The Art of Control, I was suffering from neck, shoulder, leg and foot problems from multiple accidents as well as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Simona and her teachers have been true healers; they continue to teach me sound principles in developing movement patterns that lengthen and strengthen my body and keep me from re-injuring my areas of concern. The Pilates Method is challenging and requires lots of focus, but I have always been guided at The Art of Control with a firm yet gentle hand. They help me live pain free and also keep me fit and healthy! My medical problems have subsided, and whenever I leave the studio I feel two inches taller. I enjoy it so much I now send my whole family for lessons at The Art of Control.” — J.S.

“A single session with Simona was a revelation to me regarding the effectiveness of her teaching—I can’t thank her enough. I have had a significant reduction in leg pain over the past week, plus have felt my posture begin to improve. ” — Rod H.

“When I began the certification program at AOC, I was already teaching
the Mat work and practicing as a weightlifter. Simona took me as I
was, and transformed me, many years later, to a student of classical
Pilates’ who loves to learn, and a teacher who loves to teach!

I continue to grow under Simona’s experienced eye and helpful guiding
hands. Thank you for the wonderful past 12 years, and I hope, for
many more!” — Tracy B.

“I am totally addicted to Pilates! I started doing Pilates almost 6 years ago after my friend Joanne became certified as an instructor at Art of Control... I was a runner for over 30 years, running 6 miles a day. I agreed to ‘try’ Pilates and was pleasantly surprised by the pace, lengthening, and strengthening of the workout. The instruction is outstanding...working regularly with Simona, Joanne, and Fran has really helped me...I have become aware of the importance of every detail when going through the various moves...whether on the Reformer, mat, Cadillac or using weights, I am aware of the importance of detail and resistance to help strengthen, contour, and shape the physique. My Posture has greatly improved. More exciting is that after 5 years, I have a different body shape. My legs look longer and more shaped and toned...I have arm definition that is graceful and toned but thankfully not bulky! My waist is several inches smaller than it was. All in all, Pilates combined with light cardio and eating what I want, but watching my portions, has totally changed my physique, and has given me a peace and a greater love of the Art of Control!” — Elaine H.