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About Contrology Pilates

Pilates, also known as Contrology, is a form of physical activity that conditions the body to develop muscle and motor control, strengthens the muscles, and increases flexibility. For people of all ages, Pilates can be a fantastic way to safely condition the body and guarantee a lifetime of movement and physical autonomy

Improved posture 

The body awareness obtained with Pilates and the focus on the muscles in the center of the body (what we call the Powerhouse) causes the muscles involved in sustaining the spine to be strengthened, which in turn improves posture. Pilates can also help alleviate back pain and correct faulty movement patterns.

Increased Muscle Tone

Pilates exercises work with the contraction and strengthening of the muscles, using the tension of springs with large apparatus. By working with resistance, the muscle fibers are broken and reconstructed, allowing the exchange of fat mass for muscle, a better body contour and increased flexibility. 

Focus on Breathing

In Pilates, adequate breathing facilitates the execution of movements, which brings more awareness about how we breathe on a daily basis, increasing lung capacity and focus. In addition, through the re-education of breathing and concentration acquired in the method, all other physical modalities outside Pilates can become more pleasurable and can potentially bring faster results.

Greater Joint Mobility & Flexibility

As the exercises work the body in a global way, the joints are also stimulated, which makes the body more mobile and facilitates daily movements. As global movements are stimulated during Pilates, you’ll notice positive changes in common activities such as tying shoes or putting on pants, for example. Over time these activities increasingly become easier to perform.


Pilates emphasizes proper alignment, and also safely challenges our stabilizing muscles in new ways. The body awareness developed in Pilates helps the runner to attain more balance, the golfer to attain a better swing, or the horseback rider to improve their alignment. You’ll get better at anything you do!

Promotes Less Friction in the Joints

Our body's joints have a lubrication called synovial fluid. This fluid is responsible for lubricating and nourishing the cells of the joints. However, when a lot of friction occurs between these joints, the fluid can be produced less frequently, causing conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Because Pilates is safe compared with other physical activities, it does not have a negative impact on the joints, thus reducing the friction caused by exercises with greater impacts.

Stress Relief

By focusing on breathing and concentration when performing an exercise, Pilates helps channel thoughts and calm a racing mind. The emphasis on stretching and lengthening also reduces stress. These benefits are increased by the environment in which the exercise is performed: a calm, pleasant atmosphere, free of distractions, allows the student to feel more connected with themselves, improving body awareness and a sense of mental clarity.