Dr. Ellen Hosiosky Fund

Dr. Ellen Hosiosky was always interested in learning and expanding her boundaries. A German immigrant who came to the U.S. at a young age, Dr. Ellen focused on hereducation and career. Among the first women to graduate from the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine, Dr. Ellen became a consummate student while also serving as a mentor to manywomen entering professional careers in the health field. Even at age 86, her thirst for new experiencesand learning continued. Dr. Ellen, who taught so much to so many, again became a student, learning Pilates and movement therapy from Simona Cipriani of Stamford, CT. The pair quickly became closefriends. When Dr. Ellen died, Simona and her husband, Dr. Joseph Muscolino, were honored to be chosen as advisors to the Dr. Ellen Hosiosky Fund, established at the Fairfield County Community Foundation through a bequest. They hope to use the fund to continue Dr. Ellen’s legacy by supporting and promoting education in movement therapy, serving as mentors and helping others, just as Dr. Ellen had done throughout her life.“It’s not easy to find people at that age who have the same excitement to keep learning as Dr. Ellen did,” said Simona.

Our misson is to promote awareness and education of manual and movement therapies through funding of scholarships for students wishing to enroll in manual and movement therapy programs, funding of scholarships for individuals wishing to become certified in Pilates, Feldenkrais technique, as well as other manual and movement therapies, funding of conferences and health fairs that promote awareness and education of manual and movement therapies, including the PMA for the last two years, and funding of other non-profit organizations whose missions are similarly aligned.