Maintain Vim and Vigor Throughout Your Senior Years


Many people see aging and senior years as a steady descent, that losing energy, strength, and health is part of the natural order of things. While some of the effects of aging during our senior years are beyond our control, there are opportunities for maintaining your well-being through day-to-day choices. Here is practical advice for retaining vim and vigor as you grow older, thereby sustaining your independence.

Embrace Technology at Home

There are many benefits which go hand-in-hand with the age in which we live. One of the biggest boons for our senior years is smart home technology. If you haven’t already explored the options available, HomeAdvisor offers a guide to budget-friendly gadgetry that can make life better for seniors and for people with disabilities. For instance, you can install a doorbell that alerts you with lights as well as sound; if you don’t happen to hear it, you still know when there is someone at the door. At the same time, some devices offer the option of a camera so you can also observe your visitor. It’s a great way to improve security and add peace of mind.

Tend to Your Medical Needs

Modern medicine holds many great perks previous generations couldn’t enjoy. However, as AARP points out, many seniors forego things like dental care because of a lack of insurance coverage. Medigap and Medicare Advantage, also known as Medicare Part C, are supplemental insurance options that can help pay for necessary health care. Depending on where you live, you might be able to receive assistance with things like dental care, hearing exams, and chiropractic care. Open enrollment is from January 1st through March 31st, and you can make changes in coverage during that time. With that in mind, explore what’s available where you live, and use this search tool and select your state from the pulldown menu.

Take Care of Your Joints

Joint health tends to deteriorate during our senior years, mostly due to inactivity, resulting in lack of flexibility and strength. However, there are many ways seniors can safeguard their joint health. Maintain a healthy weight, as obesity can cause wear and tear on joints. If you aren’t sure about your weight, a BMI calculator can help you determine if you need to gain, lose, or are in a healthy range. Drink plenty of water, as proper hydration is necessary for healthy joints. Regular exercise can also improve joint health, and also help combat several other health concerns. Chiropractic care can also be a boon to your joints, helping to restore flexibility, coordination, and balance.

Enjoy Proper Nutrition


As Healthline explains, it’s not unusual for seniors to struggle with a proper diet. During our senior years, we need fewer calories than in younger days, appetite can diminish, the senses of taste and smell may wane, and some medical issues can also play a role in losing interest in eating. People with poor dentition can be physically uncomfortable eating. Sometimes, habits simply fall off for various reasons, such as changes in living situations. However, health and nutrition go hand-in-hand, so make sure you eat balanced meals throughout your days. Consume plenty of vegetables and fruits, lean meats, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products.

Make sure cooking and eating are things you feel positive about. If convenience is a factor, you can make a big pot of soup and freeze portions for future meals. Consider looking for balanced, healthy, simple recipes to keep things interesting. You can even explore ethnic dishes to liven things up. Another method for adding variety is to buy one new thing each time you shop for groceries. Bring home some star fruit to throw with some chicken, or try some tofu.

Tending to your health during your senior years shouldn’t be difficult or dull. Look for ways to ensure your needs are met, and maintain your vim and vigor throughout life. With technology in place, good health care, healthy joints, and balanced meals, you can savor your senior years.

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