Online Private Sessions
Online private sessions with an expert Pilates instructor. Enhance your Pilates practice, have all of your questions answered and workout under the watchful eye of Simona Cipriani, Cristina Gregori or Chae-Yeong. Prices are as follows:

Online consultation with Simona Cipriani or Cristina Gregori:
30 minutes for $50
50 minutes for $110
90 minutes for $145

Online consultation with Chae-Yeong:
50 minutes for $50

Pre Pilates & Beginner Pilates DVD Set
A Winner of the 2014 Pilates Style DVD Awards!

Begin Pre-Pilates and discover the genius of Joseph Pilates!

This DVD is a guide to the basic and preliminary exercises of the traditional Pilates Method of body conditioning. This two-DVD set is for people who have never taken Pilates before, are rehabilitating after an injury or pathology, senior citizens, and anyone who does not have access to a Pilates Studio.

Pre-Pilates is an excellent wellness program for anyone who needs guidance and motivation beginning an exercise program or anyone who wants an alternative to a gym setting.
This DVD is also an excellent way for Pilates Instructors to be able to describe and explain in detail Pilates exercises for clients who need extra guidance.

US Shipping: $4.95
International Shiping: $9.95

Intermediate & Advanced Mat DVD Set
This 2-DVD video set is a guide to the Intermediate and Advanced Mat exercises of the Traditional Pilates Method of body conditioning. Learn to physically perform these exercises and instruct clients on how to perform them with clear and detailed step-by-step directions. Once mastered, click on the Continuous
Flow chapter button for each level and perform the full workout with proper flow and transitioning from one exercise to the next! As a bonus, modifications are given for both levels and there is a separate chapter on Pilates Terminology!

Master the physical and mental principles and philosophy of theTraditional Pilates Mat Program with Second-Generation Pilates Instructor, Simona Cipriani, as she explains each and every exercise with clarity and precision.

DVD 1: Twenty-two Intermediate Mat exercises are demonstrated and explained, with modifications offered in a separate chapter. And for your workout practice, once you are comfortable with each of the exercises, a Continuous Flow chapter is presented so that you can perform the workout in real time.

DVD 2: Fifty-one Advanced Mat exercises are demonstrated and explained, with modifications offered in a separate chapter. And once you have mastered each of these exercises individually, the Continuous Flow chapter is presented so that you can perform the full workout seamlessly and athletically with proper transitioning from each exercise to the next.

This 2-DVD set is meant for:
– anyone who is looking to deepen their understanding of the Traditional Pilates sequence
– anyone with experience in Pilates but seeks a stronger foundation in the fundamentals of the Pilates Method as Joseph H. Pilates taught them
– any Pilates instructor who desires the knowledge to describe and explain in detail Pilates exercises to their clients

US Shipping: $4.95
International Shiping: $9.95

LearnMuscles Continuing Education Subscription Service

Dr. Joe Muscolino is proud to announce the creation of LearnMuscles Continuing Education!

LearnMuscles Continuing Education is a new video streaming subscription service that gives you access to all of Dr. Joe’s video content on assessment and treatment techniques, as well as anatomy and physiology (kinesiology), for manual and movement therapists, instructors, trainers, physicians, students, and teachers.

Dr. Joe adds at least 7 video lessons to LearnMuscles Continuing Education each and every week. That’s over 350 lessons per year!

If you have been meaning to get to Dr. Joe’s COMT workshops but have not been able to due to time, distance, or cost, LearnMuscles Continuing Education is the next best thing. LearnMuscles Continuing Education will offer you the gamut of content from short and quick ‘pearls of wisdom’ to thorough explanations of clinical orthopedic manual therapy assessment and treatment techniques for manual and movement therapy.

The philosophy of COMT is to foster critical thinking so that you are empowered to creatively apply your treatment techniques!