Muscle Anatomy Master Class

Dr. Joe Muscolino is proud to announce the creation of Muscle Anatomy Master Class!

Muscle Anatomy Master Class (MAMC):

  • The most comprehensive and detailed muscle anatomy online video class in the world!
  • All lessons are taught by internationally-renowned author and instructor, Dr. Joe Muscolino.
  • MAMC grants 66 NCBTMB and NYS CE Hours for LMTs!
  • MAMC covers 178 muscles!
  • Each muscle is featured and taught with 5 distinct video lessons.
LearnMuscles Continuing Education Subscription Service

Dr. Joe Muscolino is proud to announce the creation of LearnMuscles Continuing Education!

LearnMuscles Continuing Education is a new video streaming subscription service that gives you access to all of Dr. Joe’s video content on assessment and treatment techniques, as well as anatomy and physiology (kinesiology), for manual and movement therapists, instructors, trainers, physicians, students, and teachers.

Dr. Joe adds at least 7 video lessons to LearnMuscles Continuing Education each and every week. That’s over 350 lessons per year!

If you have been meaning to get to Dr. Joe’s COMT workshops but have not been able to due to time, distance, or cost, LearnMuscles Continuing Education is the next best thing. LearnMuscles Continuing Education will offer you the gamut of content from short and quick ‘pearls of wisdom’ to thorough explanations of clinical orthopedic manual therapy assessment and treatment techniques for manual and movement therapy.

The philosophy of COMT is to foster critical thinking so that you are empowered to creatively apply your treatment techniques!