Online Streaming

Tower Class - Open Level
A tower class makes adjustment of springs and resistance for your body. It improves your physical strength that strengthening, stretching, and lengthening while using your Powerhouse.

The Tower Class with Simona Cipriani
Necessary The Pieces of Equipment: WALL UNIT & CADILLAC
Utilzes Leg & Arm Springs, Roll Back Bar and Push Through Bar
Rent a video $25 & 48 Hours:

Open Level Tower Class from Art & Science of Contrology on Vimeo.

Mat Class - Intermediate Level
Recorded Zoom Mat class with a master teacher Simona Cipriani. Enhance your Pilates practice, have all of your questions answered and workout under the watchful eye of Simona Cipriani.

Mat Class with Small Props with Simona Cipriani
Utilzes weights, magic circle, pole, theraband, and small ball.
Rent Three videos $35 & One Week or Individual videos $15 & 48 Hours:

Traditional Pilates Mat Small Props from Art & Science of Contrology on Vimeo.

Mat Class - Advanced Level English & Korean
Recorded Mat class with ASCPIT Korean students teaching by the Master Teacher who is Simona Cipriani. Strengthen Pilates Mat system and improve your mind and body to understand with the Advanced Mat flow.

The Advanced Mat (40 min) with Simona Cipriani
Recommends the Advanced level clients, apprentice, and instructors.
Rent One video $15 & 48 Hours:

Traditional (classical) Pilates Advanced Mat (40min) from Art & Science of Contrology on Vimeo.

WORKSHOP - Contrology System
Recorded the workshop in Daegu, South Korea. Simona Cipriani presented what is Contrology system.

Recommends Pilates apprentices & instructors.
Rent One video $150 & 48 hours, duration 3 hours 30 min

Pilates Contrology System Workshop from Art & Science of Contrology on Vimeo.